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Don't talk about it. Be about it.

This is who I am.  You are who you are.  This is how we will be together.  This is basically what a covenant means and is about. It’s a promise that defines a relationship. God established a covenant, a relationship, with people so that they we would be rooted in something that gives us life.   We don’t always follow in the covenant the way we hoped, but God remains faithful and calls us back into relationship over and over again.  For millennia, God has been reminding us that we always have a place at the table no matter what because that’s who we are – God’s beloved, God’s child, forever tied to one another in relationship.

That’s why, as KINDRED, we don’t have membership roles or orientation classes.  It’s not about who’s in or who’s out, or how you fit into a particular mold.  We want to live out God’s call for us in with our own unique gifts and passions.  We want to live for one another by sharing our challenges and our dreams. We want to live in a way that anchors us and gives us wings.  We do all of this together as a community in order to reveal God’s love at work in our world. 

But we don’t want all that to end up as pie-in-the-sky talk. We want to really live it.  So, as KINDRED, everyone is invited to enter into an annual covenant.  Remembering God’s promises to us in the covenants of baptism, the new covenant in Christ’s blood, and the covenant of creation… we respond by following the way Jesus commends.  The central practices of faith we’ve been exploring in our series are now opportunities for us to articulate our hopes for how we want to live out and lean into our faith.

On November 6th, we will celebrate COVENANT SUNDAY, as we make our covenants to ourselves, to each other, and to God.  We’ll place our covenants on the altar and pray for the guidance to remain faithful. We’ll e-mail you a copy so you can keep it somewhere you’ll be able to see it and be reminded of that anchor.  Next spring at Pentecost, we’ll pull these back out and see how we’re doing.  We can celebrate what we’ve experienced and take a moment to re-align ourselves if necessary.

Don’t feel like you have to check every box. We can’t do everything and we shouldn’t. We weren’t created to be everything all on our own, that’s why we have community. Choose one area of practice you’d really like to focus on this year.  One way you’d like to stretch and grow a little more. And take your time.  Really give this some reflection and prayer. If you can’t be there Nov. 6th, you can still bring your covenant in the weeks to follow.

We are covenant people. We long for connection, for hope, for the fulfillment of promises.  We are broken people who won’t always get it right. We are still beloved children of God. We get to remind others of that truth. As the gospel of Matthew tells us, “let you light shine before others so that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.” (5:16)

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