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Give Thanks

Last month was my kid's birthday and she's old enough now that she can write her own thank you notes. They're nothing elaborate, but usually involve some custom artwork, the words "thank you", and her name.  We practice saying thanks not just because it is polite or good manners, but because we are transformed by the experience of gratitude.  True gratitude makes us profoundly aware of the generosity we have received and it overflows as we are generous to others.  This is holy.  This reveals God in our midst.  In the midst of small everyday moments, divine love breaks in and it shapes us anew.  As you spend this week contemplating thankfulness, I have a gift for you.  It's a simple printable card you can set at your table to guide you in giving thanks.  Use the blank lines to write what you're thankful.  If you want, you could even punch a hole in the corners and hang the cards like ornaments from a tree.  I am grateful for this community of KINDRED, for the table we share, and for the way it changes and shapes us.

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