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Everything is Changed

Everything is changed.  This is the time of the color blue.

This 2nd week in the season of Advent, we tell the story of the Holy Family. Watch Here (to 5:40):

I wonder, what is it about this journey that is hardest for you?

I wonder, where do you see light in the darkness?

I wonder, how are you being changed?

Mystery is not easy. There is no formula, nothing we can expect to follow a particular order.  Being a part of that mystery is not easy. The journey to Bethlehem is not easy. It is not always calm and it is not always bright.  It is many days of sweat and exhaustion, unfamiliar and even dangerous roads. With the dangers circling around us – of emboldened white supremacy, of xenophobic leaders who play on our fears of the other, of hateful and violent speech that bolsters discriminatory action and policies…fairly often I find myself like Dorothy in the poppy field, wanting to lay my head down for just a moment.   We will find our rest, but for now we must keep moving. We must stay vigilant and focused, our eyes set toward Bethlehem, toward hope.  When we feel we cannot take one more step, we lean on one another.  We share our worries and our woes so that we are not crushed by the weight of carrying them ourselves. We take turns caring for each other and allowing ourselves to be cared for.  We take turns speaking up for those in trouble, and seeking out the unheard voices, listening to the oppressed speak for themselves.  We look for twitter feeds and articles that are not only written about those on the margins, but by those on the margins. And that is certainly not easy, because it often reveals that we did not know as much as we thought we did. It often reveals that we too, must change.  Here's a few places to start listening.  They will challenge you, say things you'll probably passionately disagree with, and we need to hear that:

local - BLMHTX   Ashton Woods  Equality Texas

Lutheran - Lenny Duncan     Vance Blackfox     Rev. Tuhina Rasche      Rev. Wil Gafney

F This S: An Advent Devotional - heads up, uncensored and for good reason

We must be patient with ourselves, putting one foot in front of the other, allowing the Holy Spirit to do its work in us and in the world, and yet also be determined to press forward, just beyond what is comfortable, day by day. The Spirit goes ahead of us on this road and is waiting for us there.  The Spirit follows behind us, ushering us forward. We do not journey alone.  Still, the journey is not easy. Even when the holy family arrives to Bethlehem I’m sure it is not what they expected.  Finally hoping to lay down their sleepy heads, they must instead make due with scratchy hay and only smelly animals for company. Yet even in this broom closet of a forgotten and overlooked everyday space, something incredible is about to happen. Even on this dusty dreary evening, light is filling up the room. Anywhere we go, the light of the prophets, and of the holy family is spreading. Anywhere you go in this room you can come close to them today.

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