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Bless this House

Tomorrow is the 12th and final day of the season of Christmas.  Friday, January 6th, marks the day of Epiphany which remembers the magi who followed the wild star to the place where Christ dwells.

It is an old custom to bless your home on Epiphany. This blessing includes a prayer and a mark of blessing. This tradition isn't just for towering steeples, but for every common threshold. Here's how you can mark your own home with a sign of Christ's blessing:

Using chalk, write on the outside of your house’s door or frame (alternatively, on a path or driveway, or above or next to an entrance):

+ 20 C M B 17+

This stands for the first half of the current year written out, “Christus Mansionem Benedicat” (Christ bless this house), then the other half of the current year written out. Start and end with a cross.  You could even have each marking or word could be written by a varied member of the household.

After you've chalked up, here's a prayer you can say outloud:  May everyone who come to our home this year be blessed to find Christ living among us. May we recognize and serve that same Jesus, in everyone we meet. Amen

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