dinner church - sundays @ 5:30pm

We are created with a longing for connection with others. We can learn a lot on our own (especially between YouTube and Wikipedia), but life and faith gain greater depth when explored in community. We gather to support, encourage, and challenge one another. We gather together to hear the voice of God in others.

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SUNDAYS @ 5:30PM - 2515 WAUGH DR.

It's church, but over dinner. When we gather around a table with good food, face to face with our neighbors, we are no longer spectators of the holy.  We embody God's radical hospitality and goodness and we catch a glimpse of God in someone sitting across from us.

Rooted in tradition, we are steeped in something bigger than ourselves.  Our worship will be based on the rhythm and ritual of liturgy, which means “work of the people.”  It is sacred, but not stuffy.  It will be contemplative, but also casual and comfortable.  It will be familiar and fresh. You can come as you are (in big church hats or footie pajamas), gather for a sacred meal, and be nourished for the journey.  Kids are welcome and grandparents are welcome. If you have never been to church before, you are welcome. Whether you are poor or not, there is place for you at the table and an opportunity to contribute to something meaningful.  Come as you are, we meant it (no judge-y side glances, we promise).

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2515 Waugh Dr.     Houston, TX     77006     713.528.3269