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What's in a name?

You know how interior designers use inspiration boards to guide their creative endeavors? Swatches of fabric with texture, contrasting colors for interest, small samples of tile, rough artistic sketches that are only echoes of a whole thought, but reflective of the overall mood they want to create in a space?  That’s what it felt like to discern a name for the “Montrose Restart.” It started with raw words, hoped-for experiences, essential elements, half-dreams that held something holy on the tip of your tongue but just out of reach. 

rhythm. ritual.

Simple. Sacred. sacramental living.

bless. flame. Spirit. dust.

Connective. consequential. creative.

generate. revive. resurrection. Relationship.

desert blooms. bayou blessings.

Welcome. jubilee.

Intimate. challenging. vibrant.

circling. rippling.

font and table.





For 94 years this community had lived as Grace Lutheran church, but that life had come to an end and something new was emerging.  We must take a new name. Sarai becomes Sarah, Jacob becomes Israel, Saul becomes Paul.  Names have been changed throughout our history in order to mark the change God has made in us. I prayed, I listened, I pondered.  After months of relying on mostly my own cleverness, I sat in my car listening to the radio, stopped at the light at Montrose Blvd. and W. Gray.  As I zoned out to the radio host banter, suddenly someone uttered “KINDRED” and it struck my ear.  Kindred. Kindred? What does that remind me of?  Where have I heard that before?  Why is that clinging to my heart?

“how very good and pleasant it is when KINDRED dwell together in unity.” – Psalm 133:1

KINDRED are those connected in relationship, the bonds of kin-ship, familial intimacy.  Kindred spirits are understood as those that share likenesses, but on its own KINDRED is more expansive.  Just like I don’t always agree with my uncle at thanksgiving dinner, KINDRED means we are not all the same but we keep coming back to the table. We are connected to each other by holy relationship and inspired to dream big under God’s ever-widening tent.

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