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2515 WAUGH DR. - Beyond Sundays....

As +KINDRED, we are cultivating bold community that reveals God’s presence in the city.  THIS CITY.  Clutch City. Houston. HTX.  So when local teachers call you up looking for help, you say yes. God’s presence is revealed not only in prayers, but in dedicated teachers and parents who want to provide something meaningful for the next generation.  This week they’ve put together the Opt-Out Academy for families who want an alternative to standardized testing and its impacts on education.  Read more about it here -

This week the halls are abuzz with young voices. Kids from 6 different schools have come together to learn, to explore local parks, and to dream big. The tables that +KINDRED uses for DINNER CHURCH on Sundays have become coloring tables, geometry projects, and more.  There’s no reason for the church building to sit dormant for most the week.  We’ve got fantastic community space, let’s share it! This provides a glimpse of what is possible when we get to know our neighbors, share our passions, and work together.  This is just the beginning.  This is the difference between hoarding our gifts and giving them away. This is the difference between a church that wants to better itself, and a church that wants to serve the city. And in that pursuit, I have no doubt that God is revealed in big bold ways.

2515 Waugh Dr.     Houston, TX     77006     713.528.3269